Glossybox Unboxed (March)

Hey dolls ,

So I did a review on last month’s glossybox, which was good and I was just so pleased with it, I’ve decided to do monthly glossy reviews.

This months box is AMAZING, it’s more skincare products, rather than makeup which I love because the quality of the products are awesome and I need to build up my skincare products and start looking after my skin more, it’s good for someone like me, because I literally don’t know where to start when it comes to a proper skin regime. The glossybox allows you to try products you may not have heard of before and products you’ll find become your faves, there’s a information product breakdown card in every box, which tells you the retail price of the full size product and what the product does,so if you do find something you love and want to purchase again you can.


I tried this exfoliating powder this evening and I’m extremely happy with the results! you use a tablespoon of the powder and half a tablespoon of water until it turns in to a paste, you then apply to the face, leave for 1 minute and then just rub off with your hands it drops off like a eraser, if bits are very dry add a bit of water to take the rest off! it takes all the dead skin and most of the blackheads off, my skin feels super smoothe now so I’ll defiantly be buying this once I run out. RRP £11.00


Oil free and durable illuminating stick you can use this stick with or without foundation, use to accentuate your cheekbones, Cupid bow, eyebrow bone etc , so far so good it’s not to thick or too glittery it’s just right a subtle kiss of luminosity. RRP £19.00


Semi matte and satin finish, this lipstick isn’t one of my favourites I must say, the colour is too light for my skin tone and looks abit too pinky, Barbie for me! I don’t really wear lipstick, but if I do I prefer darker colours, the texture again is not for me, it feels like you have nothing on your lips and that your lips are just dry, it’s good if you like the matte look, but personally I just prefer glosses and lipsticks with a bit more moisture to them. RRP £15.95


Matte serum designed to minimise pores, you can apply underneath makeup or add a little on top, haven’t used on my face yet, I’ve tried a tad on the back of hands and it feels silky, so can’t wait to try on my face, for those interested once I try I can update you on the results. RRP £35.00


This sleep repair renewal face mask is suppose to repair, hydrate, protect, rejuvenate and make the skin smoothe, you apply a thin layer over the face at night and leave on throughout the night( maximum 10 hours), once your up you wash it off, paraban free , not tested on animals and has natural ingredients. It also smells like rose water perfect for a goodnight sleep. RRP full size £61.00

My personal Faves from this months box have to be …

I would defo recommend, let me know if any of you have tried these products and what you think, also would love to hear about any other beauty box subscriptions so leave a comment & thanks for reading.


‘Miracle Cream’

Attention all mothers and mothers to be, I urge you to try this cream for your children’s eczema!

It can feel like a never ending battle trying to find the right eczema cream for your precious little ones, it’s irritating for your poor baby as there constantly itching and sore, you as a parent feel rubbish because nothing you try seems to be working so you both end up distressed!

Well worry no more…

Miles suffers from bad eczema like most baby’s/toddlers/kids and I can’t tell you the amount of creams we have tried from supermarket brands, to prescribed steroid based ointments (which I rarely like to use as it can discolour the skin and in my opinion doesn’t actually get rid of eczema but more so keeps it dorment)so the minute you stop using it you notice a flare up and the eczema never really goes. I even gave the organic coconut oil a try as I’ve heard great things about this for skin and hair , but even that was quite disappointing( For hair it’s amazing!) anyway I was browsing one day on a Facebook mum group and a mum put up an article about another mum, who found a cheap ‘miracle’ cream and claimed it got rid of her childs eczema. Straight away this caught my eye and here it is:

yep the childs farm baby moisturiser, I bet half of you mothers walk past this product on a daily basis, some may have tried and others may have been dubious at trying because of the price? maybe you thought surely this can’t work for £4.00 well I’ve used this cream for three days on my son’s dry cracked skin and already the results are incredible. His skin feels moisturised even after a few hours of wearing the cream, and it smells divine, it’s not to overpowering it has just a subtle hint of sweetness, it glides on perfectly to the skin and even leaves your hands feeling silky soft! It’s rare to find an affordable product that smells nice and actually works, so I can’t tell you how pleased I am with this cream, sods law I didn’t take a before picture of miles skin, so you guys can’t see how good the cream actually is, but I’m more than happy with it and will be buying again.The key features of this cream are:

. The cream is mild, kind and gentle making it suitable for newborns.

. Doesn’t contain parabans, Sls, mineral oils or artificial colours.

. Dermatologist approved.

. Suitable for sensitive skin and eczema sufferers. So what more could you want? and for £3.99 you cannot go wrong ! It’s now on offer online for £3.19

Follow the link to buy yours now ^^^^

Hope you have found this to be useful , comment if you’ve given it ago or if you have any other recommendations for eczema prone skin.

– Tam xox

Glossybox Review

Hey lovelies,

So today I received my glossybox for Feb! for those of you that have never heard of the glossybox, It’s a monthly subscription for £13 once you include p&p and you receive 5 random beauty products, from different brands cool right? Especially if your like me and your sometimes unsure of what products to use, this is a perfect way of trying out the products to decide whether there good products for you. So without further a do this is what I received from this months Feb box:


I like the pot the tint comes in, I also like the texture of the balm, the colour is nice, but personally I like darker colours as I feel like this colour is to Barbie for my lips.
RRP/ £17 full size


I love dark rich colours like this anyway, so very pleased as I needed some new polishes and this one says gelology, so can’t wait to try out as it has a gel finish and can provide up to 10 days of high gloss shine it’s a lovely winter colour.
RRP £9 Full size / £6 mini size


My favourite colours from the palette has to be the following;

. Firestorm

. Perfect storm

.Sand storm

.Dust storm

.Snow storm

The other colours are lovely, but I prefer nudes, golds,browns, and redish eyeshadows.The eyeshadow goes on really well and has a beautiful shimmer to them.
RRP £8.99 Full size.


Cruelty free , smudge, water and humidity resistant is what it says in the description. I currently have it on at the moment and I am very pleased with it, my eyelashes look long and thick and the brush is a really good sturdy brush which is what you want!
RRP £15


Primer hydrating mist and setting spray all in 1( every girls dream right)
smells lush and feels really soft and hydrating, I’ll use a few times and let you know how I get on with it for a full review. RRP £26 Full size / £14 travel size.

Overall my favourite products out of this months box, has to be the sleek eye palette, the Ciate nail polish and the icona Milano mascara, the glossybox beauty box is definitely worth the money, because as you can see you end up getting products worth more than your paying for the actual box, so it’s a bargain and you gain 5 extra products a month adding to your makeup / beauty bags at home! what more could you want?

The good thing about Glossybox is that you can unsubscribe at any point if it’s not for you, although I’m sure you won’t as the boxes are beautiful and it’s a nice gift to you from you every month.

– Tam xo

One of those Nights!!!

# Essentials for a disturbed night

It will be fun they said , Its worth it they said , youll experience the best things they said!!

yeah right … Don’t you just love these nights?

So it’s 2am and you’ve just made your hot water bottles (yes I sleep with two hot water bottles on each foot in the winter,don’t judge me) creeping up the stairs because you don’t want to wake the baby up, finally you make it to your bed, proud of yourself and of course relieved that everyone’s still asleep, you shut your eyes move around to get comfy and then …. you hear a ‘ eieio’ he’s not crying so all you can do is hope and pray he’s dreaming and he’ll go back to sleep in a couple of minutes, 10 minutes go by… 20 minutes go by it’s now 3am , your hubby is loudly snoring and taking the covers and the water bottles might I add (cheek of it) oblivious to the repetitive ‘eieio’ finally the baby has gone back to sleep , your so exhausted you fall asleep on the edge of the bed get in to a nice deep sleep and then BAMMM!!!!! there it goes every mothers nightmare the hubbys alarm, dont you just hate that?? you’ve had 3 hours sleep, you’ve had an out of body experience at the sound of this unexpected yet expected alarm clock, still hoping the baby will sleep through it. you think all is well as your hear nothing and then… mammy mammy that’s it the beginning of your day is about to begin and your in zombie mode all day, the only thing getting you through is your best friend the coffee machine…

I must say chamomile tea and Milo hot chocolate work wonders for me, when ive had one of those nights!

Tip: spray lavender on your pillow half an hour before bed, or you could rub a tiny bit on your wrists , a Himalayan lamp also helps and I’ve found to be a good investment (pic included^^^^)

what does everyone else do or use when you have one of these nights?? comment below

Ready set…Glow

so I was out shopping the other day and it dawned on me that I have a sad empty old makeup drawer, I was scrolling through instagram and thought to myself where have I been what am I doing??? I saw all these women with beautiful defined cheekbones and golden highlighted skin and rosy cheeks huge eyelashes the works!and I looked in the shop mirror at my basic foundation, eyeliner and gloss it was then I knew my beauty life was in need of some tlc and a Big fat makeover!!! I browsed aisle to aisle and here’s what I brought

#1 Barry M Highlighter drops…

I purchased this and let me tell you I was not disappointed, granted it’s no iconic highlighter or Anastasia Beverley hills but at the affordable price at just £6.99 it works just as well, it glides on to the skin perfectly it doesn’t dry out the skin at all, it’s long lasting, you can use it to highlight your Cupid bow, your cheekbone etc i find dropping 2 drops in my foundation gives the perfect amount of coverage leaving my skin feeling and looking amazing, it makes such a difference as since wearing it I’ve had nothing but positive comments about my ‘glowy’ skin highly recommend this product.

#2 Revoulotion vivid baked highlighter

just picked this product up by chance, thought it was a normal blush, which is what I still use it for on top of my highlighter and foundation, it’s really nice because it’s not to ‘cakey’ or to much it actually goes together really well and again what a bargain at £3.00 very pleased with this product